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Physical Disabilities Considered By The SSA

Many people believe that if they are unable to work, it is a simple process to be approved for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. That is far from the reality. At the Law Office of David M. Shore in Temecula, our team will help you understand the process and work diligently to ensure you have the best chances of being approved.

Attorney David M. Shore has been in practice since 1978 and has been focused on Social Security matters since 1993. This means you can rest assured that your case is in highly experienced hands. You can also rely on our team for personal, caring attention from start to finish.

Types Of Physical Impairments

There are any number of physical disorders that prevent gainful employment. Some primary categories as identified by the Social Security Administration (SSA) include:

  • Spinal cord and back impairments
  • Impairments that decrease mobility
  • Brain impairments and other cognitive impairments

The most severe cases of almost any impairment are easier to quantify than those that are less obvious.

How The SSA Assesses Physical Disabilities

If you meet the work eligibility requirements for disability, you must also prove your medical condition or impairment prevents you from working. The SSA has established a Medical Listing of Impairments to determine disability. If you have been diagnosed with a condition on the list, and your symptoms match what is further explained on it, you have a good chance of having your disability claim approved.

However, you should note that few claimants have a condition that specifically matches those on the list. That is why it’s valuable to consult with a skilled attorney when filing your application or appealing a denied claim.

Getting Objective Medical Test Results

It is important to provide the SSA with a complete and detailed record of all relevant medical information. That includes any objective medical test results you’ve had to document your condition. Our disability lawyer can assist you in best preparing this information in such a way that meets the SSA’s requirements for consideration.

However, objective tests do not reveal everything. For example, it is difficult to measure the severity of pain, the inability to concentrate or the level of fatigue. These may be crucial factors in your disability determination. So, it’s important to work with a skilled lawyer like David Shore to ensure this vital yet tricky information is properly documented.

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Your disability claim must be presented properly or a denial is the likely result. We work to avoid that result, but we can also help you appeal your claim if it is initially denied. Call our office in Temecula at 760-477-1180 today for a free case evaluation.

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