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Law Office of David M. Shore | Serving Temecula, Riverside, Orange County and the Inland Empire
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Walking You Through The Appeals Process

So your Social Security Disability claim was denied. Now what? Before you give up, there is still hope! Many people fail to appeal a denied claim, but it is your right and often your advantage to do so.

Our team at the Law Office of David M. Shore will help you. We focus exclusively on helping individuals in Temecula, Riverside, Orange County and the Inland Empire claim the benefits they need, often through appeals. Lawyer David Shore is a familiar figure in the local Social Security offices in the Moreno Valley. He can help you through each step of the appeals process, if more than one is necessary.

Requesting Reconsideration

The first step is to request reconsideration of your claim. You must file the request within 60 days of receiving your denial notice. In a reconsideration, a different team will evaluate your application than the one that initially made the determination.

The Administrative Hearing

Reconsiderations rarely result in reversals of the original denial, so your next step is to request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). This step is most like a legal proceeding, in that you will present your case before the ALJ and perhaps other experts. Hearings are rarely conducted in court, however; instead, they will most likely take place in a conference room.

We will help you prepare for this hearing by gathering additional evidence that may be needed or requested. We will also help you anticipate what the judge will ask and how best to respond in representing your need. Finally, attorney Shore will attend the hearing with you as your advocate so you need not go alone.

Further Appeals

If the hearing is not decided in your favor, the next step would be to appeal to the SSA Appeals Council. This simply means we will request that the SSA Appeals Council, which is located in Falls Church, Virginia, review the record of your case so far. The Council may elect not to review the decision, in which case the next step would be to appeal the decision in federal court.

Do Not Give Up Hope

We know how important your benefits would be to helping you support yourself and your family. Do not give up your right to appeal a denied claim. Contact our firm by calling 760-477-1180 today for a free case evaluation. We can conduct your evaluation by phone or in person, whatever is most convenient to you.

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