About David Shore, a Social Security Attorney in Oceanside

Too often, disabled or injured workers do not receive the Social Security disability benefits to which they may be entitled. The Law Office of David Shore, Social Security lawyers in Oceanside, is dedicated to make sure this does not happen to you.

Education and Background

David Shore has been a committed and dedicated public servant for many years. During his residence in Sacramento, Mr. Shore served two terms on the city council and sat as vice mayor for two years. In addition, he was active as a member of:

• The Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization
• The California Public Utility Commission Solar Advisory Board

Upon relocating to the San Diego area, Mr. Shore immersed himself in the local community and served as:

• President of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce
• Member of the Oceanside Public Safety and Redevelopment Commission

A lawyer since 1978, Mr. Shore has dedicated his practice exclusively as a Social Security attorney in Oceanside for 20 years.

Scope of Practice

Mr. Shore’s team of Social Security lawyers in Oceanside has represented doctors and lawyers, but also members of the working class. His primary focus as a Social Security attorney in Oceanside is on the local community, but he has clients in the adjacent counties of Orange and Riverside, as well as in Nevada and Arizona.
David Shore’s focus on one area of law means that he has the ability to stay current on legal issues and has a deep understanding of SSA matters. He will give your claim the attention it needs to ensure you have the best chances of a favorable outcome.

Social Security Disability

You may have a mental or physical impairment that prevents you from working, but that alone does not automatically qualify you for disability benefits. Your Social Security attorney in Oceanside will explain that a very specific procedure must be followed. Often, claimants are denied benefits multiple times. It is imperative to appeal any denial and ultimately arrive at the stage of hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, at which point a Social Security attorney in Oceanside can be invaluable.

Contact Social Security Lawyers in Oceanside for Legal Counsel

If you can no longer work, you have rights. Protect those rights by calling David Shore, a Social Security attorney in Oceanside, at 760-477-1180, or visit at 4059 Oceanside Blvd., Suite M, Oceanside, CA 92056. Call today.